Dear You #24

I’m sorry it’s been a while. I started this blog for fun quite a while ago, but it became more and more stressful especially going through university. Therefore, I decided to stop.

However, today I handed in my last essay of my last year in university.

It’s an extremely surreal position to be in when you feel like university started yesterday, but it’s an amazing feeling nonetheless.

University was always in my plan, growing up I had a sister who didn’t go to university and then another one that did, both have done great things with their lives. However, I really didn’t know 100% whether university was for me until I actually got there.

These last three years have made me so much stronger of a person, I’ve truly made friends for life here and university has forever changed my life. It sounds cheesy as hell, but it is true. Uni changed my life.

I do want to say this, university is not for everyone, school is not for everyone. But, you should always try.


Until next time.



Dear you #22,

I hope those who dislike change don’t mind my sudden adding numbers to my blog posts, I just feel like it adds an easier sorting system.


Hello once again.

This is a post to remind you lot to keep up-to-date!

I, over the last two months have been suffering with a bad case of glandular fever, what is this?

Google defines it as:

“an infectious viral disease characterised by swelling of the lymph glands and prolonged lassitude. Also called infectious mononucleosis.”

BASICALLY, my glands all over everywhere are fairly swollen and I’m achy.

It’s quite frustrating, but I digress.

I’ve learnt recently, especially being away from home – being sick is not fun when you haven’t got your mum or your family! Luckily enough, I have a boyfriend and a solid group of friends who care about me and look after me! But, it’s not quite the same as having your mum around! (and no, I’m not embarrassed at twenty years old to admit that I’m missing my mum and family!)

Once again, we are extremely lucky may I remind you all, that we all have mobile phones/ laptops or computers that let us get in contact with our loved ones. (Small reminder, if you haven’t call your mum, nan and other caring family members that you haven’t spoken to in a while, they probably want to hear from you!)

Anyways, back to my original point! Glandular fever, it’s taken a lot out of me, I’m tired all of the time and am being told to drink so much water! (ANOTHER side note, keep hydrated – go get a glass of water!)

I just want to remind myself more than anything to be honest with you (or those who are also sick!) that we should be giving our bodies more of a break – they do a lot! Take that week off work if you need to! Sleep in every now and again if you have to, just keep hydrated and healthy! OH! And most importantly happy.

Anyways, I hope you are well, and hope you don’t ever get glandular fever!


Dear you,

Maybe I should start numbering my posts, I don’t know.

I hope you’re all well, my state of mind has recently been compromised. Safe to say a lot has happened to effect my mental health, but that’s alright. Don’t you worry about me.

I am currently still in university and very much beginning writing my dissertation! So I’m sorry for the lack of posts and updates!

Please stay patient! Hopefully I’ll have some content up for you soon!

Until then, keep smiling!

Soph x

Dear you,

Honestly, I know it’s been a while but I’m stuck with my writers block.

But I’ll tell you something I’d like to tell any person who JUDGES someone doing a media or arts degree. It’s not as easy as watching a film every lecture and saying if it’s good or bad or not. An art degree is not just drawing or painting a picture. I swear though, there are so many things I’ve been told on a daily basis that I am sick of hearing!

1) “That’s not a real degree.” SERIOUSLY, I hate this, I am not doing my degree to have people judge me, and though yes – I should not care what people think! BUT My degree IS just as a real degree as Maths or Economics. I would like anyone to randomly look at what my essay questions are and write quality work. For example – Choose an auteur director and show what makes him/her an auteur. Using examples of their work for proof.

2) “What job can you get from that?” You know what? I could get several different jobs in different forms of the media. So don’t get so judgemental. The worst thing is, even if I don’t use my degree I got an amazing education from it – so what is it to you??

3) “Oh, so what was your first choice?” THIS. Media! Media was my first choice! I love my degree and I love doing what I’m doing!

So, whilst I suffer with my writers block I would like people to understand doing a media/arts degree isn’t stupid or a waste of time! I’m happy with what I’m doing so please stop being judgemental! It’s definitely a lot harder than you think!

I love my degree so please think twice about bad mouthing someone else’s degree!

Have a great day!

Sophie x

Dear you,

Before I talk to you on here I do want to disclaim these views are mine and I would like to say if you do not agree with me that is completely fine!

My boyfriend recently got a new job after a while of not having one and decided to surprise me with the Jeffree Star Androgyny palette (I’m so blumming lucky!)

Okay so the retail price of this palette is £40.00 on and though that may seem pricey for an eye shadow palette but you do get a lot of product for your money.


(oh , please ignore my chipped nail varnish!)

I have other Jeffree Star products including several velour liquid lipstick shades (which I’m not going to lie – I love them.) The ones I have are Sagittarius, Unicorn Blood, Checkmate, Androgyny and No Tea, No Shade! IF you’d like to hear about my love for those products please feel free to let me know! (I might just do it anyway! hehe) 


(Also yep, I cannot do make-up swatches! Let that be known, I am definitely not a beauty guru!)

I also own one of Jeffree’s many highlighters – Lavender Snow.



But once again, not what we were talking about!

Anyway, I have heard an awful lot of mixed reviews on Jeffree’s palettes, and I’ve wanted one since the first palette came out. Unfortunately I do not have the first palette but my friend who has recently started her blog has – and maybe she can do a review on that palette! (sorry Moll!) Be sure to check her out!

So, the first thing I noticed about the palette was the overall appearance of it. It is of course bright pink with gold writing. The detailing of this palette is beautiful and really eye-catching.


The amazing thing is about this palette is that the ten shades in this palette are vegan and cruelty free, which is an amazing thing really when you think that this brand is completely independent. And though Jeffree has several issues with his past and people still judge him – I don’t – and once again, these are my views; you are more than entitled to your own, but these are mine.

blog 2 (2)

Okay to start there are ten shades in here from top left to bottom right are: Frosting, Safe Word, Charm, Deja Vu, Dominatrix, Androgyny, Fetish, Military, Poison and Swallow. These shades are Jeffree’s form of a “neutral palette”, and though that might seem mad to some of you – I adore each shade in this palette.

blog 3

AGAIN! I am not a beauty guru and my swatches are sort of well, awful. BUT HEY-HO!

I will now talk about each shade in order of swatch.

Frosting is a gold shimmer shade and is not chunky in the slightest – which is what I get concerned with when it comes to shimmer shades, but honestly, it is so pigmented and I adore it! It’s beautiful.

Safe Word is a lovely neutral transition shade, it is super creamy and pigmented, and what I love most about it is that it’s not too harsh, it really is the perfect transition shade. It does take a bit of blending, but it blends like butter.

Charm is a beautiful orange shade that is so pigmented and creamy, it glides on so easily! This shade gives me life! It’s not chalky at all, it’s really lovely and quite honestly has so many ways to wear it on the eye.

Deja Vu is the other shimmer shade in the palette, and quite honestly is one of my absolute favourite shades in the palette. It’s a gorgeous warm tone bronze with some shimmer to it. (AND not to toot my own horn, but it swatches the best).

Dominatrix is another warm tone brown and one of the most neutral mattes in the palette. Dominatrix is a lovely chocolate-brown colour really helps define the crease. It’s so pigmented and creamy, just a beautiful colour.

 Androgyny as the palette is named is a muted purple that honestly deserves the title of the palette, as well as owning the Androgyny liquid lip shade – it is honestly such a gorgeous purple, and it’s not chalky at all! I am obsessed!

Fetish is actually my absolute favourite colour in the palette. It’s a deep dark red mixed with tones of almost purple (which isn’t visible on the lid), but honestly the colour is gorgeous, it’s almost fully matte but still does have a small tints of shimmer within it.

Military is an off green, almost a muted kiwi colour. It’s not overly pigmented which is the best for green shades, especially because otherwise it would slightly stain the skin, but it is a beautiful green colour that looks amazing on the lid. Also, the shade is one of the nicest to blend! It’s amazing!

Poison is a gorgeous turquoise blue, and though I don’t wear blue shades on my eyes this and the next shade is making me want to try to fool around with the blue shades. It’s such a creamy shade and honestly so light weight. Truly a lovely eye shadow!

The final shadow in the palette is Swallow, a gorgeous muted dark blue! It almost border lines on a navy blue – it is entirely matte and honestly so gorgeous and is so amazingly bendable! It really is a beautiful shade.

Overall, I’d give the palette a solid 10/10! I LOVE it! And would honestly recommend you buy it! It is a bit pricey, but it’s such a lovely palette!

And no, I am not a beauty blogger, and no I in no way knows how to put makeup on professionally! BUT, I like how I do my makeup, and the look I created with this palette, the Lavender Snow highlighter and obviously the Androgyny liquid lip!



ANYWAYS, I know this is a little different to what I normally write, and honestly this was so cool to show you just some of the things I am interested in!

I hope you enjoyed this & again, a massive thank you to my boyfriend for buying me the Androgyny palette!

speak soon!

Sophie x


Dear you,

I hate writers block.
I hate writers block.
I hate writers block.
I hate writers block.

Quite honestly, I never planned to make this blog something I wanted to write in weekly – just more when I wanted to. However, I get so physically frustrated when I want to write down how I’m feeling and just can’t get it down. I hate writers block.

I want to tell you I’ve found a way of beating my writers block, but I just haven’t. I hate writers block.

So please if you have a way of beating writers block, tell me, because if you didn’t know – I hate writers block.

help me,


Dear Diary,

I’m enjoying giving you a more real insight into my life.
And looking back at old paper diaries, I loved listing my favourite songs, artists, albums.
And recently, I have been watching a certain YouTuber, who has a second channel who lists her twenty favourite songs for *insert band/artist here*. (Channel) And now I want to write to you about some of my favourite music.

So I thought I’d start with telling you this: I love a lot of different styles of music. I don’t just listen to one genre of music.

However, I do have a favourite male & female artist and a favourite band.

I would like to start you with my twenty favourite All Time Low songs. (Band).

I would like to advertise that this is not a plug for the band or anything like that, I would also like to say this is my opinion only!

20. That Girl/ from the album Dirty Work. This is such a bop. I can’t believe this is in my top twenty, but I’ll always listen to it when I’ve got my songs on shuffle. It never fails to put a smile on my face and makes me dance along. It’s a great song.

19. Six Feet Under the Stars / I’m not going to lie to you, I adore this song, it’s such a bop. Emma Blackery has me obsessed with the word bop. But that it was it is. It’s such a great song to just relax listening to. It’s definitely a song I could listen to over and over again.

18. Do You Want Me (Dead)? / This song is a great bop, it just makes you want to sing out loud! It’s a perfect song to just belt out loud on a road trip in my eyes. (and I do!)

17. A Daydream Away / One of my favourite songs to date, even though it’s not as close to the top five as some of my friends probably thought it would be, I love thing song but find I have to be in ‘that’ mood to listen to it, though it is a blood great song!

16. Sick Little Games / I will never get sick of this song, I love it so much! However, I swear every time I listen to this song it makes me want to listen to Break Your Little Heart straight after! I don’t know – maybe in my head they’re one giant song, but I love them both so much! They’re just great!

15. Break Your Little Heart / Basically, read 16! I feel the exact same about this song as I do about Sick Little Games. They just go hand in hand! AMAZING songs!

14. For Baltimore / This song it absolutely beautiful, it’s known this song is about Alex’s and the boys home town, it makes me feel proud knowing that Alex’s grandma is actually Welsh! (He told us at a meet up, very fun times!)

13. Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass / A festive classic, and a song every Christmas time I feel the need to blast out loud everywhere I am. The song never gets old, every Christmas this song is my number one!

12. Backseat Serenade / This song is just a bop, like you cannot help but belt this song out when you listen to it! You’ve got to love Backseat Serenade!

11. Too Much / This is my go to song when I don’t know what song I want to listen to! However, every time I listen to this song it just makes me calm.

10. Dark Side of Your Room / I was so scared when the new album came out because other bands I had loved also had albums out that year weren’t as good and I thought maybe it was just a bad year for my music taste! Then this album came out and I was ecstatic! An amazing album!

9. Somewhere in Neverland / This is one of my go to romance songs, this song just never fails to make me happy and a little bit gushy! This is actually the first song I showed my boyfriend by All Time Low. Just an overall perfect song.

8. Cinderblock Garden / This is the type of song you cannot not replay ten times over and over! This song is just so beautiful that I don’t know how you can’t replay it! I love this song so so so much!

7. The Reckless and the Brave / This song is an amazing, the beat and lyrics just make the perfect song! I love this song, it just gives you the best feeling when you sing it and the lyrics just make you feel so inspired.

6. Kids in The Dark / When this song came out, I WAS OBSESSED. I loveeed every song on this album, BUT this was a single and it made me so excited for the new album! Plus, this was my first time meeting them when this album came out!

5. Weightless / The All Time Low famous song, I’m pretty sure most people have heard of this song or has listened to this song! I love Weightless, it was my high school jam (cringe).

4. I Feel like Dancin’ / ABSOLUTE banger, this song actually makes me sing out loud and actually laugh out loud at the music video for it! GO WATCH IT! It’s just a great bop!

3. Remembering Sunday / I remember the first time I listened to this song I nearly cried. It just made me feel so calm in a weird way? But yep, I absolutely love this song!

2. Missing you / Absolutely perfect song, when I first heard the Future Hearts album I fell in love with the song. It is so gorgeous to me and I am never afraid to just dance along and sing (more like shout) out loud!

  1. Therapy / This has been one of my favourite All Time Low songs since I can remember, All Time Low has always been a big part of my life, and when Therapy came out my heart melted. It’s such a deep song with real meaning. A truly beautiful song.

Honestly, I’ve had the luck of meeting my favourite band and loving each moment of it. (instagram). They were and still are some of my most favourite memories.

This has been one of my favourite blog posts, I absolutely loved writing about All Time Low. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved writing.

Sophie x