Before I talk to you on here I do want to disclaim these views are mine and I would like to say if you do not agree with me that is completely fine!

My boyfriend recently got a new job after a while of not having one and decided to surprise me with the Jeffree Star Androgyny palette (I’m so blumming lucky!)

Okay so the retail price of this palette is £40.00 on and though that may seem pricey for an eye shadow palette but you do get a lot of product for your money.


(oh , please ignore my chipped nail varnish!)

I have other Jeffree Star products including several velour liquid lipstick shades (which I’m not going to lie – I love them.) The ones I have are Sagittarius, Unicorn Blood, Checkmate, Androgyny and No Tea, No Shade! IF you’d like to hear about my love for those products please feel free to let me know! (I might just do it anyway! hehe) 


(Also yep, I cannot do make-up swatches! Let that be known, I am definitely not a beauty guru!)

I also own one of Jeffree’s many highlighters – Lavender Snow.



But once again, not what we were talking about!

Anyway, I have heard an awful lot of mixed reviews on Jeffree’s palettes, and I’ve wanted one since the first palette came out. Unfortunately I do not have the first palette but my friend who has recently started her blog has – and maybe she can do a review on that palette! (sorry Moll!) Be sure to check her out!

So, the first thing I noticed about the palette was the overall appearance of it. It is of course bright pink with gold writing. The detailing of this palette is beautiful and really eye-catching.


The amazing thing is about this palette is that the ten shades in this palette are vegan and cruelty free, which is an amazing thing really when you think that this brand is completely independent. And though Jeffree has several issues with his past and people still judge him – I don’t – and once again, these are my views; you are more than entitled to your own, but these are mine.

blog 2 (2)

Okay to start there are ten shades in here from top left to bottom right are: Frosting, Safe Word, Charm, Deja Vu, Dominatrix, Androgyny, Fetish, Military, Poison and Swallow. These shades are Jeffree’s form of a “neutral palette”, and though that might seem mad to some of you – I adore each shade in this palette.

blog 3

AGAIN! I am not a beauty guru and my swatches are sort of well, awful. BUT HEY-HO!

I will now talk about each shade in order of swatch.

Frosting is a gold shimmer shade and is not chunky in the slightest – which is what I get concerned with when it comes to shimmer shades, but honestly, it is so pigmented and I adore it! It’s beautiful.

Safe Word is a lovely neutral transition shade, it is super creamy and pigmented, and what I love most about it is that it’s not too harsh, it really is the perfect transition shade. It does take a bit of blending, but it blends like butter.

Charm is a beautiful orange shade that is so pigmented and creamy, it glides on so easily! This shade gives me life! It’s not chalky at all, it’s really lovely and quite honestly has so many ways to wear it on the eye.

Deja Vu is the other shimmer shade in the palette, and quite honestly is one of my absolute favourite shades in the palette. It’s a gorgeous warm tone bronze with some shimmer to it. (AND not to toot my own horn, but it swatches the best).

Dominatrix is another warm tone brown and one of the most neutral mattes in the palette. Dominatrix is a lovely chocolate-brown colour really helps define the crease. It’s so pigmented and creamy, just a beautiful colour.

 Androgyny as the palette is named is a muted purple that honestly deserves the title of the palette, as well as owning the Androgyny liquid lip shade – it is honestly such a gorgeous purple, and it’s not chalky at all! I am obsessed!

Fetish is actually my absolute favourite colour in the palette. It’s a deep dark red mixed with tones of almost purple (which isn’t visible on the lid), but honestly the colour is gorgeous, it’s almost fully matte but still does have a small tints of shimmer within it.

Military is an off green, almost a muted kiwi colour. It’s not overly pigmented which is the best for green shades, especially because otherwise it would slightly stain the skin, but it is a beautiful green colour that looks amazing on the lid. Also, the shade is one of the nicest to blend! It’s amazing!

Poison is a gorgeous turquoise blue, and though I don’t wear blue shades on my eyes this and the next shade is making me want to try to fool around with the blue shades. It’s such a creamy shade and honestly so light weight. Truly a lovely eye shadow!

The final shadow in the palette is Swallow, a gorgeous muted dark blue! It almost border lines on a navy blue – it is entirely matte and honestly so gorgeous and is so amazingly bendable! It really is a beautiful shade.

Overall, I’d give the palette a solid 10/10! I LOVE it! And would honestly recommend you buy it! It is a bit pricey, but it’s such a lovely palette!

And no, I am not a beauty blogger, and no I in no way knows how to put makeup on professionally! BUT, I like how I do my makeup, and the look I created with this palette, the Lavender Snow highlighter and obviously the Androgyny liquid lip!



ANYWAYS, I know this is a little different to what I normally write, and honestly this was so cool to show you just some of the things I am interested in!

I hope you enjoyed this & again, a massive thank you to my boyfriend for buying me the Androgyny palette!

speak soon!

Sophie x

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