Dear you,

GUYS, I’ve not forgotten you, I’ve missed you loads but I’m currently writing one blog post that means a LOT to me.
So, until then I’m giving MY honest opinion on something else I care about, something close to my heart and something that recently ended.


I am OBSESSED with Rupaul’s Drag Race! LIVING HUNTY *cough* sorry.

ANYWAY, I have been a big fan of the show for a while now and want to tell you my top 10 FAVOURITE drag queens! No tea, no shade to the other queens who didn’t make this list, these are my opinions!

Fair warning lovelies, there may be a spoiler or two a head!

10. Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Miss Shangela was on two seasons of Drag race, and graced us with her funny attitude and her many many ‘Halleloo’.

09. Ginger Minj, Ginger was a big gurl queen, and she stole my heart, she was so funny and I loved her from the moment she walked in!

08. Roxxxy Andrews, I’m not joking when I tell you this queen is here for one main reason! Her lip sync with for her life with Miss Alyssa Edwards! This girl lip synced to Whip my hair by Willow Smith and IT WAS TURNT. I LOVED IT. Still to this day, one of my favourite lip syncs!

07. Jinkx Monsoon, Jinkx is one of my favourite drag queens on the show for the main reason, she’s craaaazy gurl. She has so much fun with everything she does and honestly, I loved her.

06. Detox, Detox was and I think still is one of the most beautiful queens that has graced our screens! I love her and she hits number six on my list is for her DROP DEAD perfect look on the reunion special.

05. Chad Michaels, The queen who basically embodied Cher! I was living for her snatch game! She absolutely killed it, and honestly, something else I adore about Chad is she can read someone to filth!

04. Jujubee, SHE IS EVERYTHING. Her friendship with Raven is literally the most adorable thing to exist. She also knows how to read a queen to an inch of her life and she is just overall so BEA-U-TIFUL to me!

03. Raven, I LOVE RAVEN. I ADORE her. Raven is one of the first queens who when she walked in I liked her from day one. She is so beautiful, kind and absolutely hysterical! Raven actually makes me cry laugh and personally I think she was robbed, on MORE than one occasion, but that might just be me. I love Raven, she is FIERCE.

02. Latrice Royale, Is one of the funniest queens to grace our screens. I loved everything she did on screen, she is absolutely beautiful and the perfect definition of Miss Congeniality, she was beauty, she served face and she always serves GREAT sass! She will always be in my heart.

01. Willam, I know people are going to be shocked, but I LOVE Willam. I knew Willam from before drag race (OF COURSE, I must own a television)! I cannot cope with how much Willam makes me laugh. I love her on YouTube, on the show and I’m not going to lie I reaaaaally want Willam to be on All Stars!

Thank you for putting up with my weird opinions! In case you wanted to know people I struggled not putting on the list were:
Sharon Needles  Ivy Winters Bianca Del Rio & of course, RAJA!

So obviously they all get special mention!

I LOVE Drag race and DO NOT want to wait another year! UGH! BRING ME ALL STARS SEASON 3!


Hope your day isn’t a drag….

Sophie x


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