Dear diary,

I realised I started this open online diary to talk openly about my mental illness and life advice, hopefully helping someone out there that need to know someone else has/is going through the same issues.

So I’ve done something I never thought I’d do, and quite honestly it made me anxious doing this, but I did it in the hope to help at least one person.

I googled “what/when/why/where/who anxiety” and I’ve now answered the most googled question! And if you have anxiety I recommend you do the exact same thing to hopefully cause a chain reaction to help others.

Here’s why. 

1) why anxiety develops?

Personally, nothing developed my anxiety, I think I’ve always had a problem with myself. My anxiety has always been apart of me and it’s something as far back as I can remember, but I suppose my first proper panic attack happened when my nan passed away – I’m not going into it as I’ve already talked about it. 

2) why anxiety is good?

I suppose in a way, it’s brought me closer to people who also have anxiety, it gave me a whole new understaning as to why people can become closed off and that by going through the same things as that person you have that ability to empathize, it’s made me who I am today (cheesy cliche, but it’s true).

3) why anxiety at night?

I’m assuming this is meant to be why does anxiety occur mostly at night? I think this to me is because when its night and you try to sleep you have so much time to think and over think anything and everything you’ve done that day and quite honestly things you’ve done seven years ago.

 I’m hoping this helps someone out there. 

My thoughts are with you.



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