Dear you,

Period. Period. Period.

I know 1/5 people who read this will find talking about periods vile and uncomfortable, but I am here to ask why?

What’s wrong with the blood coming out of me? I wouldn’t find it horrific if your arm was bleeding, so why is it different if it does from my vagina?

I understand that it can be uncomfortable to men who obviously don’t bleed once a month, however, to those who have a girlfriend or sister or female best friends or in some cases girls who cannot get used to to the idea of blood. I would like to say nothing i say is meant to come across as harsh or rude, it’s simply that i refuse to be looked at as disgusting for something i simply cannot help.

I bleed.

I bleed because there is no baby inside me. And yet, I’m disgusting?


Yet, if i didn’t bleed and I had a baby at 19 would I be looked down on as a human being? Of course by certain people, they would look at me and say I had my whole life in front of me? That a baby is a precious thing that I will never truly love them because they stopped my life, made me leave my current life to help their own.

But that’s not true, women who give birth young have been amazing mum, I know many people who have made an even better life for themselves because they’ve got themselves something to live for and something to truly love.

And i don’t care – I know I’m bleeding and I’m proud.

And i know what I’ve written today isn’t polished, but it’s okay. 

I’m bleeding and yes, I’m tired because of it.

I hope you’re well and you’re happy



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