Dear you,

This image, this is simply a woman. A smart, beautiful woman who has an amazing job and is good at that job.

Is there anything wrong with this? I personally think not.


There have been several complaints about this woman’s dress/skirt at this year’s Olympics coverage. “It’s too short – it makes me uncomfortable”.




Are you kidding me? I’m not a pushy person, nor would I want any reader to feel pushed, however I’m telling you right now what I’m about to say is fully MY opinion and an explanation to why I’m angry/upset by these statements.

It’s 2016, and we are living in a day and age where a woman can’t be looked up to if she’s wearing something above the knee – why? It doesn’t make her any less professional. She also did the job well – may I add. 

I would like to know why a woman can’t wear a skirt without being classed as uncomfortable or unprofessional. What is wrong with society that a woman showing her knee is sexualised? 

Why is it a man can go on television shirtless and have it be fine? And if a women were to follow – it’s on television because she’s been arrested.

And to add, I’m not saying men don’t have issues with equality and feminism. If a man claims to have issues with himself he’s suddenly “gay” “too emotional”, why? Why can’t a man be anxious about himself. It’s hard to be a man in this world when the definition of man is muscle and macho – no. This isn’t a man. This is merely one idea of what a man could be. 

But back to the point – why? Why can this smart woman not dress how she wants? What is so uncomfortable about her? 

In my opinion, nothing. 

She is just another inspiration.

Hoping you well, and understand my opinion,



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